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Kate has been teaching stand-up comedy, improvisation, comedy games and joke-writing for nearly a decade at City Academy and City Lit and through other organisations including Skyros Holidays, Silver Comedy and What The Frock. If you're interested in taking a group course contact us and we can direct you to the most suitable one.

Kate is also able to teach privately for individuals and corporate clients. So if you're looking for an injection of creativity in your workplace, guidance on writing and delivering a hilarious Best Man/Woman Speech or support developing your comedy career to the next level, please get in touch.



Kate did a 3.5 hour crash course in improv and basic comedy for our close team of 6 and we thought it was one of the best "social team events" we have ever experienced. Everyone's creativity lit up for a few hours and we walked out it energised and had a lot of fun together. After sitting around a table discussing serious issues for 2 days thes is exactlt what we needed to finish off our week. We want to get Kate back in again.

- Tom

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